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At LinSysSoft, we deliver the entire software portion of embedded systems. We work with your product managers and your hardware design team to optimize the software portion. Our team is adept to work with OEMs, Hardware manufacturers and Software firms throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.

At LinSysSoft, we have developed two focus areas:

Development of Device Drivers: Our team excels in developing device drivers, migrating the existing products to different platforms and rebasing the existing software for different kernel versions.

Creation of Test Automation Frameworks: We can not only create automation frameworks, but also make an important contribution to increase throughput.

The Embedded Systems division is being lead by Vandana Salve, VP Technology. She has more than 12 years of experience in architecting and developing embedded products.

The following figure shows our technical capabilities:

Technical Expertise
Microcontrollers Arm, Opamp, Xscale, PowerPC, MIPS
RTOS Embedded Linux, WinCE
Languages C, C++
Domains . Consumer Electronics

. Automotive

. Industrial Machinery

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