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Today's businesses have put increasing demands on storage and high database performance has become the standard requirement nowadays. These ever increasing demands on storage, present significant challenges in meeting high availability and high performance requirements. One such challenge is to reduce time taken by backups. Backups are being taken frequently due to ever increasing critical data; storage performance suffer severely during backups. A number of proprietary softwares have come up with the solutions to above problem.

LinSysSoft Technologies has taken up the challenge to incorporate Checkpoint and Block Level Incremental Backup (BLIB) support in the open source's Ext3 File System, which is very well known for its stability, to create a new file system called CheckFS. Block Level Incremental Backup enables truly efficient backup and restore mechanisms. Checkpoints provide administrators to create point-in-time copies of a live file system by keeping track of the data blocks modified in real time. This document provides an overview of checkpoint technology for ext3 file system and how it enables Block Level Incremental Backup (BLIB) and takes it's advantage for high recoverability and performance.

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