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Kernel Version Supported : Linux Kernel 2.6.9
Contents of checkfs directory

kernel/ README utils/

1. Copy the fs/ and include/ folder from checkfs-0.0X/kernel/ directory to Linux kernel source directory (For e.g /usr/src/kernels/linux-2.6.15) and compile kernel with checkfs filesystem support on. (Module support recommended)

$ cp fs/ include/ -r {kernel-source}

2. Compile the utilities in utils/ directory

3. There are two modules

insmod them in above sequence.

4. Make sure that the target device of which checkpoints will be created and backups will be taken must have ext3 filesystem.

Quick Start:

1. mkckpt is utility for creating checkpoint


$./mkckpt -e /dev/hda6 /dev/hda9
Here -e indicates that you are using block device to store the checkpoint. /dev/hda6 is block device where the checkpoint of /dev/hda9 will be stored.


$./mkckpt /dev/hda9
Here /dev/hda9 is device of which checkpoint will be stored in internal inode of itself.

2. Backup is utility for taking backup according to checkpoint taken above.


$./backup /dev/hda9 /dev/hda6 Here backup of /dev/hda9 will be stored on /dev/hda6.


$./backup /dev/hda9 - |gzip -c > hda9.bkup.gz
Backup of /dev/hda9 will be stored in hda9.bkup.gz file in compressed format with the help of gzip utility.

3. Restore utility restores the backup taken on particular path


$./restore /dev/hda6 /mnt/store
Here /dev/hda6 is block device on which we have stored the backup previously and with restore it will be restored at /mnt/store.


$gzip -c hda9.bkup.gz | ./restore - /mnt/store
Here gzip will decompress Hda9.bkup.gz (compressed backup) and feed it to restore via pipe to restore the backup at /mnt/store.

4. rmckpt utility usage which removes checkpoint created in first step.

$ ./rmckpt /dev/hda9
Here checkpoint of /dev/hda9 will be removed.

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