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KGDB is maintained by Amit S. Kale, Tom Rini, Mithlesh Thukral, Milind Dumbare and Adhiraj Joshi.

KGDB documentation on this website is maintained by KGDB developers at LinSysSoft Technologies.

Following people and companies have done invaluable contributions to KGDB. Many thanks to them.

Amit S. Kale has maintained KGDB and the documentation for it from 2000 to 2004.

Manish Lachwani maintains the mips port of KGDB.

Robert Picco has ported KGDB to ia64 architecture.

Bhupesh Kumar Pandey has submitted the arm port for 2.4 kernels

V. Ganesh has written the s390 KGDB stub.

Andi Kleen has ported KGDB to x86_64 architecture.

Dave Grothe wrote KGDB patch originally. He is the guy who started source level debugging on linux kernel. Thanks to him for making kernel developer's lives easier :-)

Tom Rini, Pavel Machek, Jim Houston, Ingo Molnar, Scott Foehner, George Anzinger, Andrew Morton and K. Ravi have contributed significantly to KGDB.

San Mehat, Robert Walsh and Wangdi have written the ethernet interface to KGDB.

TimeSys Corporation has submitted several enhancements to KGDB.

Duane Voth backported KGDB to 2.2 kernels. I no longer maintain this version, though I may revive it at some point of time.

Following persons helped with KGDB patch and webpage problems. Mithlesh Thukral, John H. Hartman, Lincoln Myers, V. Ganesh, Bart Trojanowski, Yu Fenghua, Cristian Alons, Charles Duffy, Shih Yi, Hilik Stein, Pete Grayson, John Zhuge, John Byrne, Derek Atkins, Jason Duell, Emmanuel Michon, Shivakumar Subramani, Bill Carr, Mark Yeager, Michael Yaroslavtsev, Michal Ludvig, Luben Tuikov, Tom Rini, Robert A. Lerche, Keldon Jones, Sarvesh Kamate, Deepak Saxena, Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli.

TimeSys Corporation, Storad Inc., Network Appliances and NCR Corporation have provided financial support to KGDB.

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