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kgdb project page includes instructions for accessing KGDB CVS tree at sourceforge. Here is a quick download guide for users of kgdb.

cvs login

cvs -z3 co .

These instructions will fetch latest kgdb development version in current directory. The directory kgdb-2 contains KGDB for 2.6 kernels. For further updates, go to the same directory and run cvs update

If you want to contribute to KGDB, you can send patches to kgdb bug report mailing list (kgdb-bugreport

If you plan to contribute to kgdb regularly, send an email to KGDB developers (KGDB-Developers) to become a kgdb developer. This will give you checkin writes to KGDB development tree.

Conventions to be followed for checkins into kgdb tree.

Always compile your changes on i386, x86_64 and powerpc architectures. Try to test them on as many of these architectures as possible.

Send an email to kgdb bugreport mailing list at least 2 days before checking in any changes. If no-one finds any problems with your patch, checkin your changes. Try to keep changes small, so that they can be reviewed quickly.

Here is some information about building toolchains for powerpc and x86_64 architectures.

powerpc provides instructions for building powerpc toolchains. Select CONFIG_LOPEC (Motorola-LoPEC) when compiling a kernel.

x86_64 provides steps to compile cross toolchains. These can be used to build x86_64 toolchains. Kernel defaults with kgdb options configured in are fine to compile a kernel.

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