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We offer three options for KGDB support: incident based, maintenance type and feature development. About these options is available from LinSysSoft Technologies website.

Technology Support:

We provide support for the technologies maintained by us. For incident based support, we evaluate the work to be done as per our customer's need. We then quote a fixed cost based on estimation of work. We send an invoice for this amount on acceptance of the software delivered by us. This support option doesn't require an advance payment. It's suitable for small work items such as bug fixing and platform rebasing. This option is simple and requires only a purchase order instead of a contract.

We typically maintain our technologies and software packages on widely used platforms or operating environments. We can takeup maintenance on the platforms which we don't actively maintain. Our customer's platform may be an old legacy platform or a modified operating environment. This model involves fixing a periodic cost depending on differences from actively maintained platforms and the frequency of legacy platform changes. A support contract forms the framework for periodic invoices from us.

We also do enhancements to our software packages for our customers. The cost for such work is typically fixed. A contract may be needed for significant amounts of work.

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